Jannik Härter

About me

„I want to make something visible that the masses no longer see .“

– author unknown

I am 25 years old and certified graphic designer, certified photo editor, photo designer and Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Since 2018 I have been working as a freelance photographer in the field of architectural, transportation and portrait photography.

After graduating from school, I first completed a three-year apprenticeship as a graphic designer in 2015. Through my apprenticeship, I placed great value on aesthetics at a very early age, which I defined through minimalism and particularly abstract compositions of lines, surfaces and colors.

My main focus in photography has always been the artistic representation of impressions of cities and their architecture, nature, atmospheres and moments.

After successfully completing the apprenticeship as a state-approved graphic designer, I began studying photography at the Deutsche Pop in Stuttgart 2018. In my basic semesters I got to know new facets of photography and I was able to learn and develop new skills, especially in the field of portrait and transportation photography. To complete the apprenticeship as a professional photographer, I began my bachelor‘s studies at the University of West London in 2019 and graduated with the Bachelor of Arts in September 2020.