White out

The project White out was created in July 2017 on behalf of the jewellery designer Julian Augenstein. He hired me to photograph his latest collection and his former bachelor project.

„Whiteout“ is originally a weather phenomen that ocurs mainly in polar regions and at high altitudes. Through snow and dim sunlight a strong reduction in contrast arises and the field of view appears uniformly bright. The observer will find a space of infinite extent. Empty areas provide freedom for interpretation – in Julian Augenstein´s case „whiteout“ creates space for memory and its disorders.

The focus was on the one hand on the correct presentation of the collection, but on the other hand on a clearly defined visual language.

The weather phenomenon „white out“ should be represented by the selection of the model, make-up, poses and post-processing. In addition, this uniform and clearly defined visual language was to extend throughout the project and develop a corporate design.

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